Another WWE Champion is Cage Bound: Bobby Lashley Fights Jan 30th

It was announced yesterday that Bobby Lashely former WWE heavyweight champion has signed a contract with MMA organization STRIKEFORCE.  Lashley (4-0 MMA) has taken on JBL, The Big Show and John Cena.  However, we will see if his staged combat has really prepared him for thai kicks to the knees and elbows to the head that draw blood, not from hidden razor blades. Lashley will fight Bob 'The Beast' Sapp, a 350 pound 6'5 old timer out of Biloxi, MIssissippi.  Sapp, who has been around since the inception of the UFC days, before Zuffa owned it, has fought for absolutely everyone.  He has been a star in the US and an icon in Japan in MMA circles.  Now at the tail end of his career, despite having far more skills and expereince than Lashley, should be a decent fight for him, albeit one that I am not really eager to watch; but I am really trying to support STRIKEFORCE'S efforts in building a stable of fighters that gives MMA fans more than the aweful TUF show nonsense and their PPV view events.


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