New Moon Ashley Greene is Using MMA Training to Toughen Up

Ashley Green who graces the cover of Maxim Magazine and actress in the highly anticipated film New Moon says she did mixed martial arts training to prep for her fight scenes in Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, which are the final two films in the Twlight saga. Green who plays vampire Alice Cullen, one of the books most likable characters and strong females, realized that she needed to work her,"butt off because I absolutely love Alice."  Alice, who is actually my favorite character in the book is an ideal role for any actress, as Green puts it, "She's sweet, sexy and a killer!"

Her trainer integrated MMA training drills into her routine, but no word on exactly which ones.  Although this is a vague insight into her real training program and certainly not to be confused with the MMA training of a pro fighter, I am certain that Green had to endure lots of explosive kicking, punching, knees and elbows drills.  Green admits that, " I feel if I was in a real fight, I'd get my ass kicked...I know taekwondo, so I'm used to just sort of tapping for points when you kick.   But MMA is a full knock-them-to-the-ground follow-through."
Impressive in a any case, that Green has gone the more intense route since her taekwondo days and is exploring the harder edge of fighting which is no doubt found in MMA training.  Green is not the only star that spends time in the MMA gym. Shaquille O' Neat has been training for several years and joked about making an appearance in the cage (I HOPE NOT), which would finally give Hong Man Choi a match at eye level.  But other stars include Ed O'Neill, Kevin James, Michael Clarke Duncan, David Lee Rother and Michael Flatley.

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