Forget the Mace, Check This Great Product Out

Mace, which is a registered and trademarked product has been considered the staple gift you give to your daughter when she goes off to college and you want to keep aggressive boys away.  But believe or not, I find it hard to use, cumbersome and un-fashionable.  There is a great product out called Pepperface, available on that is designed to comfortably fit into a woman's hand which a more convenient spray button.
It offers several styles which work perfect as a hidden element on your key chain.  It is not obvious at all.  It looks like the keychain lipsticks.
It sprays out of the bottom which is a perfect adaptation to holding your hands in a defensive position.  Therefore, the pepper spray comes out the bottom which make so much more sense.
It has a flip mechanism that loads the spray, verse a knob that must be turned, which is real difficult to do fast.
There is an option to buy practice spray - which is brilliant!  Technically this is a weapon of sorts.  Now you can practice flipping it to a live position and spraying.  It gives you three tries.  This also gives you the ability to see the distance you can be from an attacker to use the product.
The real spray is a mixture of organic natural substances.  So god-forbid it accidently be discharged you are not in the ER having to have the chemical formula evaluated in order to be treated.  

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