DMX Now Being Sued for Backing Out of MMA Fight

dmx-mma-2009-09-29-300x300.jpgI first wrote on October 2nd, that DMX would be moving from dog fighting to cage fighting next month.  Turns out that DMX's idea of playing the role of MMA fighter next month has changed and may be costing him a cage full of money.  DMX was scheduled to fight Eric Martinez, an industry colleague,  in Birmingham, Alabama.  Rumor is that DMX expected the fight to be fixed and broke his agreement when he realized that without a fix, he might end up spending a lot of time getting fix.  

So now we know what caused Coolio to take on this fight.  Despite my announcement on this a couple days, it took a little time to get the reason behind the switch.  Thunder Promotions filed on Friday, November 20th in a Birmingham County Court against DMX.  Apparently the promotional company does not care about DMX's concerns over injury and the fact that he is not really a trained fighter, unlike his opponent Martinez. Thunder Promotions is claiming the switcheroo is costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, so they figure they're going to sue for a million.  The lawsuit has also revealed the fact that DMX owes the government in back taxes $1.5 million. Good luck dude!

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