Chicago's MMA Fight Night A Great Success- See the Results

Despite the drive outside the downtown limits to be part of Sears Centre's live CBS broadcast of Strikeforce / M-1 Global MMA Event this evening (Saturday, November 7th), Chicagoans had a blast. Mark a Midlothian resident sitting first row said, "It felt as exciting as being at the fights in Vegas."  The beauty of bringing a big fight night like the Fedor verse Rogers Heavyweight bout to one of the country's best cities is the opportunity it's provided to feature a lot of Midwestern talent.  Strikeforce was smart in choosing Chicago, a city that offers one of the biggest sports markets in the country.  Additionally, it offers several surrounding communities that love and support the sport of MMA from its inception.  

The local flavor featured Northwest Indiana's John Kolosci, Louis Taylor,DeRay Davis, and Chicago fighters like Jeff Curran and Mark MIller.  The mixture of local talent that has cultivated a solid MMA fan-base from the Midwest along with key players in the MMA world on the main event has fans like Julie a Hammond nurse saying, "She would not miss it for anything.. I've seen Jeff, Mark and DeRay all fight in my hometown and I am excited to be able to see them on such a big event, it doesn't hurt that Fabricio is fighting too who I absolutely adore!."  Hopefully, Strikeforce will back again soon without all the technical difficulties that haunted them this evening.

01_SILVA(rt)_vs_WERDUM_6P1Y6628.jpgThumbnail image for 06_SHIELDS(top)_vs_MILLER_IMG_7319.jpg                       Tonight's Fight Results and Recap (Fights in order):

Jonatas Novaes (165) vs Christian Uflacker (155.5), Uflacker wins 29-26,30-25,30-25, A nice exchange from the get go of the fight and a great way to start the evening off.

Louis Taylor (185.5) vs Nate Moore (184),Taylor wins by submission due to strikes at 3:24 of round two.
Photo courtesy of Bailey.

Shamar Bailey (170) vs John Kolosci (171), Bailey wins 29-27,29-27,29-27 Clearly Bailey stayed  good and busy demonstrating a nice array of MMA skills.
Jeff Curran (145) vs Dustin Neace (150.5), Curran wins by TKO.  Curran wins in an unusual verbal tapout from an knee to the ribs.
Marloes Coenen (145) vs Roxanne Modafferi (140), Coenen beats Modafferi in a rematch that leads to her tapping from an armbar.
Photo courtesy of Werdum

Antonio Silva (263) vs Fabricio Werdum (242), Werdum wins by 29-28s across the board. A slow start instigates the crowd to boo - of course.  Both fighters get it going with some solid exchanges.  The forst round seems clear for Silva, but the result show different.  The second is a bit close and the third is clear for the winner.

Photos courtesy of (Mousasi)Gegard Mousasi (205) vs Rameau Sokoudjou (204), wins in 2nd round (3:43). This non title 
rematch has Mousasi taken to the ground by a judo takedown.  The Armenian is  great on his back, winner of the Dream Grand Prie middleweight event where he submitted several opponents from his back. Mousasi demonstrates his comfort on the ground and his ability to reverse his position.  In the second round Sokoudjou fails to move hits while eating a good ground and pound ending the fight.
Photo courtesy of Shields.

Jake Shields (184) vs Jason Miller (184.5), Shields wins. 48-47,49-46,49-46 Sporting a new hair style since we saw him at the open workout on Wednesday, Red-Headed Miller doesn't start the fight utilizing his one advantage, his Slap Boxing with a 5 inch reach advantage.  Taken down from the get go, by ground specialist Shields. The second round starts out with Shields bleeding from banging heads with his opponent and moves to the top game and the back. Miller continues to press the defense forcing Shields to scramble for new offensive ground positions - one after another.  Shield's ground game is definitely superior, but doesn't demonstrate tactical integration of the MMA components.  He doesn't do much damage in any of the positions he achieves and he seems to get most of them.  The rounds ends with tremendous exhaustion clear on the face of both fighters and Shields is in need of good cut-work.  The Third round starts out with a takedown, unusual for Miller. Miller is cautious when on the ground listening to his corner, Miller did share during the pre-fight for this Middleweight Championship that he wanted, "to make Shields tired and take him into the later rounds so he couldn't use his takedowns."  Miller finishes the round super strong with a surprise rear naked that takes Shields to the bell.  Both fighters sit on the mat watching the clock tick down, Shields makes it to the 4th round despite allowing Miller the opportunity (Shields has never been submitted before). The fourth round brings out a lot of booing from the crowd leading Big John to stand them up after little action is seen.  Shields seems to still lack aggression throughout his last 2 minutes despite keeping MIller on the ground.  The last round is somewhat a repeat of the fourth, Shields gets many great JJS positions but lacks the wind, skills or instincts to bring any hammers, elbows or power striking to Miller. 
20091108033331_redo2.JPG.jpegFedor Emelianenko (232) vs Brett Rogers (264), Fedor wins second round by TKO (1:48).  Rogers looks physically superior next to the smaller frame of Fedor.  Rogers the 6-1 underdog manages to build confidence after holding Fedor against the cage while he begins to bleed from his nose after a looping punch lands.   The first round ensues with action, bringing the 11,512 fans to their feet at the Sears Centre.  Fedor pushes the fight to the ground, but Roger's strength helps him with defense.    Rogers looks tired after clearly using strength, not technique to escape several submission attempts.  However, Fedor doesn't look too composed given the amount of blood spilling which is effecting his breathing at the end of the first.  The second round begins for Fedor with a broken nose.  Fedor seemed to take his time leading up to what appeared to be - in slow motion for me a beautiful leaping cross that Fedor lands like an earthquake hitting California.  I swear I saw it coming, perhaps just being a fan, I for one moment was in tune with him and let me tell you it was clearly the right moment because Rogers backed up, fixed his pants to re-compose himself and Fedor looked as if he just had enough and then WHAM! he leaped as of to be the Russian Version of Superman busting through a brick wall.  Fedor admitted in the post fight interview that he took some time during the first round to learn a little about his opponent to help him in the second, and would consider a re-match if Brett wanted one. YEAH! Fedor.
Mark Miller vs Deray Davis was canceled by fight organizers due to lack of time.  A real un-cool decision.  Both fighters prepared for this evening and were told with no advance noticed what-so-ever.  At the moment they would be walking out on the floor for their match, Miller and Davis were informed that they were canceled! Fighters stood stand-by in shock trying to understand how this became their evening's destiny.  Let's take a moment, both fighters are PROFESSIONALS, this was not an exhibition fight.  A professional tactic was not taken and it served up to be an experience you would expect from the local tournament organizer running an inner school meet in the local church's basement.

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  • That is completely unprofessional that a fight was canceled merely due to lack of time. This was an athletic event that two individuals put endless amounts of time and energy into. To pull it merely for time is ridiculous. And is obviously poor planning on the organizations part. Each fight has a set amount of timed rounds and should be planned accordingly. The fighters should not be punished for their lack of preparation.

    I thought the fights were pretty good last night. Would love to see more in our great city. Would definitely love to see a rematch between Fedor and Rogers.

  • Some amazing photo's there - can't believe that they had to cancel a fight!!! That' terrible and I hope that both fighters were paid full purses and compensated.

  • Katalin, your posts are just great...nice reading anytime :)

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