Best MMA Exercise 4 of 5: Bear Crawl with Resistance


Bear Crawl with Resistance

We are on the fourth day of MMA's Best 5 Exercises.  Each exercise that has been given integrates some form of explosive training and offers a nice twist on core work and increasing body strength.  This picture is awesome because it shows how some guy added resistance to this drill when training alone and clearly in his home gym.  There is steel loop securely attached to his wall and he then hooked the resistance harness to the wall.

When doing this exercise is great to have a partner.  There are harnesses that be used which have resistance tubing attached (  Otherwise, you can use rope, wrap it around your waist and have a partner provide you with manual resistance.  It is similar to how a sprinter builds explosive power by running with manual 'drag'.  It is unbelievably challenging and your legs will feel it the next day. In this case, the bear crawl, critical to ground training requires the use of the entire body.  Make sure you warm up with basic bear crawls and that your core and back are thoroughly warmed up and stretched out.  

How Many? In general, you will go the distance of a room or space that allows you to get at least 10 feet of crawling in.  It is important to have a partner similar to your weight class, otherwise they will be be stumbling and offer no challenge at all.
Let me know if you work this or already have it as part of your regiment.  Give readers specific feedback on how you like to work this into your routine.

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