3 Days Before Fight Night -Local Fighter Mark Miller

Mark Miller (14-5), season nine contestant on 'The Ultimate Fighter' is making his debut on Saturday's Strikeforce CBS event.  He will be fighting Deray Davis (5-1) another Midwesterner from Team Corral in Indiana.  Miller who trains with Team Dino Costeas out of POW! Mixed Martial located in the heart of Chicago, is well liked locally and carries a nice sized fan base.  Originally a southsider (Midlothian area), Miller will draw both north and south side MMA local fans that watched him come up through the grass-roots cage matches.  Miller also carries followers from his student-base who find him hilarious and the right kind of 'smart-ass' (i am told) to have pushing them through their gruely workouts.  Here is what Miller had to say today after his evening training.
What preparation have you taken for Davis this Saturday?
I watched videos and it seems like everybody these days is doing the same things.  I got his general idea of how he fights.  I have seen that he is a pretty good wrestler and jits guy.  So I've been working on the defensive aspects from the ground and those that apply from a wrestler's perspective.  Luckily, I have a good wrestling background and Dino has had me working intensely on the mat since I got back from Ultimate Fighter.
Tell your fans how you are feeling.
I feel great, I'm in great shape.  I'm mentally and physically prepared.  I am going to look a lot better than I have in the past fights.  I have learned how to relax.  I have been focused on not turning things into a street fight.  But I'm taking on a much relaxed mental state so I can apply things more clearly that I have learned and been working on.
What is one big difference between how you train before you are scheduled for a fight and about the 4 week mark from fight night?
Four weeks out from the fight, the intensity level changes.  I am conditioning in the AM and training at night.  I actually am much smarter with my training closer to the fight day.  I don't think that 3 hours of cardio drills and messing around with various exercises is an efficient way to condition close to the fight.  My strength coach Tim Allgretti says, 'Intensity makes conditioning.' So the closer I am to the fight the more efficient my training should be , allowing for recovery and giving me a chance to maximize my training, jitz, thai work and such.  When I am not getting ready for a fight then my body can be used up with extra hours of conditioning and spending more hours to condition that aren't as intense.  But overall, 4 weeks beforehand my intensity for conditioning is so much higher.

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