DMX - Going from Dog Fighting? to Cage Fighting?

DMX is fighting in MMA this winter. Enough Already! MMA is not the arena for retired pro athletes or entertainers in need of a more aggressive method of anger management. But seriously, raper, turn actor, turn MMA fighter?

dmx-dog-fighting.jpgAs an individual who had been peripheral to the sport since its inception, it does not thrill me to see it gain popularity by unworthy people gaining access to the cage.  Regardless of the popularity it brings to MMA, I would rather see it evolve more slowly while young fighters devoted to the sport earn their shot.
Despite DMX's successful music career, he is seen as a person who has endured violence and battles with many demons (so his songs portray).  In an unregulated mixed martial arts bout, DMX  is scheduled to participate in a match against a member of his management on December 12th in Alabama.  He will only have been released from prison for 7 months come December.  DMX has a history of legal problems tied to fraud, guns, drug possession and animal cruelty. 
andrei_banner_2.jpgIn fact, 12 pit bulls were seized from his home in Phoenix in 2007 after a police raid. The weapons and  drugs recovered do not bother me too much in all honesty ( a high rapper with a gun - OMG!), but the animal cruelty has shunned me from his music since I first heard. In 2002, he plead guilt in New Jersey to animal cruelty, so the fact that he was found with what appeared to be neglected animals again after serving a sentence focused on public service work for animals, leads me to hope that his next match up is against 'The Pitbull' himself.  That is right, Andrei Arolovski may wear fangs, but he is an animal lover, owns a beautiful pit bull and his team is very passionate about animal abusers getting the crap kicked out them.
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