Bas Rutten Answers Some Silly Questions

Bas Rutten, shares a little insight into his life before he became a MMA announcer, fighter, spokesperson and entertainer.  If you never watched him while he announced for PRIDE, check him out on his current show HDNET Fights.

First car: fiat 850 and they called them a backpack in
Holland.  The engine was in the back;
you could speak to each other if you were past 60 mph.

First job: deliver newspapers, then went to cleaning dishes in a
kitchen and a farm which was good because you get paid by the amount of work
you did.

How much did you get paid: I got paid great with the farming
because I was such a hard worker. 
You got by the amount of bushels you had of vegetables like
asparagus.  So I got paid something
like $20 an hour and that was 25 years ago!

What did you want to be
when you were 10 years old:  I
wanted to be a cook.  Then when I
saw Bruce Lee I wanted to a fighter. 
And I am actually a certified cook in French Cuisine.

What was your dream as a child:  I wanted to be Spiderman.  I was climbing trees a lot. I had a real bad skin disease
and asthma as a kid.  So, I spent a
lot of time in the woods and had the ability to go from treetop to treetop.

Are you a dog or cat person?: 
Dog, I have one right now. 
But actually I have also had cats, but I have a dog right now.  My wife doesn't like cats and it is a
real nice dog.  A  little Bijon poodle.


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