Another Great Drill for the Fighting Arts

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Andrei Arlovski training with Tim Allgretti

There are endless drills that improve a person's conditioning for striking.  One drill that I love is used by strength and conditioning coaches Tim Allgretti (Owner of Chicago's West Loop Gym - works with Andrei Arlovski) and Jonathan Chaimberg (from the Jackson Submission Camp).  

Heavy Rope Training


Equipment: 30-40 feet of Industrial Rope about 2 inches in diameter

How to do it: Using as much space as you can, lay the rope across the floor with it attached to a secure object on one side.  Proceed to throw smooth uppercuts or hooks in a flurry.

Goal: Keep the ropes moving fluidly almost as if they memorize you with their perfect wave-like motion. Reps are not counted.  Fluidity is how it is judged and quality of uppercut motion

Tips: Avoid swinging from the back and do not use legs. Oddly enough this exercise is intended to stay specific to the upper body and arm.  However, your knees should be bent to place our weight and body position in an athletic position.

Watch Out: Do not use momentum from the back and legs to keep the rope moving.  It takes a few seconds to get this one going.  One you begin; keep the cadence of the rope.


I am training with Jonathan Chaimberg in Montreal, Strength and Conditioning Coach for Jackson's Submission Camp.

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