Visited the Home of GSP on My Trip to Montreal

JOnGeorge_small_copy.jpgI went to Montreal for the first time this past weekend.  The purpose of the trip was to explore a new city, take in culture, look at art, sit at wonderful restaurants and of course see how the Canadians train up close.  I had the pleasure of visiting Adrenline Performance , owned by Jonathan Chaimberg who trains most of the Jackson MMA Team out of New Mexico, not to mention all of Canada's best in the fighting sports: George St. Pierre, Denis Kang, Jerome Le Banner, Shane Carwin, David Loiseau, Nate Marquart.

Jonathan was nice enough to let me watch one of the fighter training sessions.  At the moment I arrived,  Jerome Le Banner, the K1 Champion ( 74-14-1 / MMA 3-1-1), was in the IMG_1527.JPGmiddle of conditioning.  Once he had finished, Jonathan treated me like a client and put me through a series of drills for about 30 minutes that he uses for his fighters.  It was a blast.  Check out his you tube posts that show many of these exercises being done by GSP and a little insight on how the top MMA athletes are training.
More to come. 

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