Notes From: Krav Maga Training in Wisconsin This Past Weekend

I attended an instructor training workshop for Krav Maga this weekend in Brookfield, Wisconsin.
1. Krav Maga is a great system for learning reality based self-defense.  It focuses on high intensity conditioning drills that apply to defensive situations where you are faced with stress.
2.  The training takes the best from various martial arts.
3.  It applies the best of these martial arts to a method of training that is grounded in instinctual responses, memorable movements and repetitive training drills that engrain a strong and aggressive response to being attacked.
4. Their application of civilian training, which is taught at more schools in the US, has an amazing adaptation for law enforcement.
5.  Their gun work is really great.  Each time I train it in these required instructor workshops, I believe in it more and more.

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