Don't Be Gullible, Urine is Not Gatorade!

If you are considering drinking your own pee to enhance your athletic performance you are as gullible as a boy scout believing the stories he hears around the campfire.  

Although there are some great combat sports players that seem to believe in this new Urban Folklore, like Lyota Machida,Luke Cummo and Juan Manuel Marquez (the boxer who drank his pee on HBO's 24/7), they are accomplishing nothing more than drinking piss!  Get that straight.  

Urine contains so few minerals and vitamins.  In fact, urine is about 95-98% water depending on how hydrated you are at the time of urinating.  The remaining content is urea (Gross!), salts, hormones and some enzymes.  Remember guys, it is the body's waste... need I say more?


Latest drink on MMA circuit $12 at Hard Rock, The Peetini (2 parts urine, 1 part bitters).

So are you chilling your urine or holding out for when you are on Survivor with no clean water?


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