I'm Not Buying it Brock!

Brock Lesnar made his MMA debut against Min Soo Kim in 2007,
after jumping from the WWE ring to the UFC cage.

Although he came with a built in fan base and a lot of
'hoopla' around him, I just don't buy him as an MMA athlete.

Lesnar is hardly in the same category
as the MMA athletes I look up to the GSP's, BJ Penn, Rich Franklins, Anderson
SIlvas and so on.

Lesnar carries a lot of common denominators along with him
that work for blending into the MMA arena -okay he is from the farmland, he
wrestled, he shows his aggression, he plays to the camera. What he lacks is technical saavy. A skill set, body frame and MMA
mannerisms that exemplify why MMA is such a highly evolved sport.

MMA has worked so hard to remove itself from the conventional
sport enthusiast's critical eye - 'just a
bunch of guys pounding eachother.'
Lesnar perpetuates this P.O.V.   Although Dana isn't my favorite guy, I have always
defended his efforts and the risks he has taken to make MMA so grand.  But bringing Brock Lesnar in (clearly a
money train), who barely even fits into the heavyweight division, is a step
backwards for MMA.  If propelling
MMA into the mainstream and converting  the conventional sports fans to respect the intricate
training of mixed martial arts is truly still a goal, Lesnar is the mockery of
this effort.  At least create a
super heavy weight division that starts at 260 pounds where all the crazy,
freaky matchups can land and it can be the fill in when the real World's Top
Fighters, get quick submissions with a beautiful gogoplata or an explosive
round kick causes a KO, requiring filler to give the PPV customers their money's

Check out a gogplata - A bit more refined than an elephant sitting on a lion and hitting him with his trunk



Round Kick from Muay Thai


Rich Franklin throwing a round kick

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