Hollywood Turns to the MMA World for Action Stars


Rampage Jackson is the newest member of the MMA community to get a shot at Hollywood stardom.  Although there have been a slew of WEC/WWF personalities to meet a punch or body slam on screen, I think Hollywood recognizes the hammy presence of many a UFC fighter.  


With icons in MMA like Randy Couture who had a role in Scorpion King 2, Rich Franklin in Cyborg Soldier, Tito Ortiz on The Apprentice and even Andrei Arlovksi in the new Universal Soldier, it is no wonder that Quintin Rampage Jackson is joining them as B.A. Baracus in the new A-Team movie.  Is it really possible that Rampage beat out 50 Cent and The Game for the role?  Did the audition come down to battle of the bling and the size of their guns?  Either way, I guess it is cool.  Make your money now guys any which way you can, because the way Dana White (Head of the UFC) has been playing his games lately, you will be lucky to fight more than twice a year over the next to only find a warm place on the shelf.


Thumbnail image for Andrei_Arlovski_1000811.jpg

Andrei Arlovksi in costume.

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