Has New Babies Driven Tito to the Pipe?

Tito Ortiz, the ex-Heavyweight UFC Champion is always in the spotlight for MMA fans.  He doesn't seem to disappoint with providing gossip and controversy for fighter-want-abes and MMA media.  Although he has received more airtime and print over his relationship with Jenna Jameson (Yes, Jenna the porn star for those that have been out of the loop), who gave birth to their twin boys this past March, TMZ recently taped Tito buying a Marijuana Pipe from a Pomona, California street vendor.  I am not sure if I would consider him busted considering the majority of BJJ and fighter community are regular pot heads, Eddie Bravo and Joe Rogan the most outspoken of the crew; however, I hope it isn't due to sleepless nights with 6 month old babies keeping him up.  I know with a set of Irish twins under 2.5years myself in the next room, I can relate to the madness of two little ones.  But in all honesty, I am sure it is nothing, Tito I hope you are coping well and enjoying every minute.



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