Gina Carano Hosts Carano-Cyborg Week on Showtime 2

SHO 2 will be offering a special series on MMA's two female superstars: Gina Carano and Cristiane 'Cyborg' Santos the week leading to their August 15 fight.  The fight will take place in San Jose, CA on a Strikeforce card.  They have agreed on 145 lbs at the weight class.  Carano 10 months removed from the cage has spent that time off negotiating her contract.  Considerably unpaid compared to male MMA fighters who have received only a fraction of her media attention and exposure, will be making much more than $25,000.00, her winning from her last fight which brought 5.2 million viewers.


The series, which is part of the nightly program of SHO Sports, with air during the fight week each day of the week at 10 p. m. ET on SHO 2.  This most eagerly awaited matchup is equally dangerous for both fighter's career.    The series will feature a replay of all of Carano's fights and Cyborg highlights.  It will offer a perfect re cap of the female fighter's professional entrance in the MMA world pumping the fans up for the August 14 bout. Carano seems to be devoted to the Strikeforce, having been quoted that they are committed to a vision for women in the sport of MMA.

So what do you think?  How do you feel about women in the sport?


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  • The audience for women's MMA is slowly growing. As long as they keep producing exciting fights more people will take notice. Gina Carano can be a real trailblazer provided she continues to grow and maintain a professional approach.

    It's funny because Gina's fights actually draw favorable comments from mainstream sports fans I talk to. I get almost no encouraging words when WNBA or women's boxing is mentioned.

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