5 Overall Adjustments for MMA Fighters to their Boxing Training and Punching Game

George St. Pierre, like most Great MMA fighters has adjusted the traditional boxer's stance to a more open position, squared forward to address take down attempts, block muay thai style kicks and have the ability to shoot.


  • 1. Your fighting stance needs to be more versitle to accommodate the threat of takedowns and kicks.  Therefore your stance is more square for MMA.
  • 2.  You will rely on less head movement, which really deals with the threat of the lead jab.  The lead jab isn't even in the top 5 threats to worry about in MMA.
  • 3.  Focus on drilling your power punches off takedown defenses, ground positions and with leg defenses.  Your power punches serve as viable counters to most major threats in MMA.
  • 4.  Do not train mitt work with such a tight, closed boxer's guard.  Your guard should sit more open and off your face to deal with checking kicks, clinching and the option to counter off takedown threats.  Boxers traditionally are taught to keep their hands real close to their face.  If you practice this guard when training you will lose the needed adaptations when actually fighting MMA with all threats. 
  • 5.  Train knees as a replacement to rabbit body shots.  Collectively your knees add up to more damage when clinching than throwing body shots.  Add this into your boxing mitt training to program your fighter's instinct to throw knees off of punching that leads you into a clinch position.
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