Spectre: Knowledge is power

Spectre: Knowledge is power

Today we take a look at the latest addition to the bond film franchise, Spectre. After the events of skyfall Bond is not looking good to his boss M especially after MI6 is blown up. Spectre has bond chasing after the leader of the organization Spectre and finding out how controlled he has been during the events of Skyfall.

If you would like to skip the Spoilers then scroll down to The Positive List.

The action sequences are pretty good and live up to the Bond standards. Particularly the car chase in rome was really good. Normally we see Bond running away from like 3-4 moderately skilled drivers but this time around he is chased by one person who matches his every move. The car chase has them go through really narrow allies, down some curved stairs, and through a manmade riverside that has them drive at an incline trying to avoid debris. Another interesting action sequence is when Bond and Madeleine are escaping Blofeld’s facility in North Africa. Fun fact that sequence featured the largest manmade explosion in film history.

Another good aspect of the film is the villain. Blofeld is the leader of spectre and his goal is to have access to all the information of the world, to have eyes everywhere. This is interesting because most Bond villains usually want money, power, or justice through terrorism. However Blofeld wants information and the power to manipulate events with information. I thought this was pretty interesting considering how most villains take a more direct hands on approach to succeed in their goals. Also Blofeld does an interesting torture technique on bond by making small drilled incisions in certain areas of Bonds head, causing brain damage but not killing him.

Another good aspect of the film is the opening sequence. All Bond films comes with an opening sequence that includes a song. I won’t speak for the song but the visual aspects of the opening sequence were really cool. One part I really liked was having the silhouetted people with the x-ray bones. Also the octopus effects in the opening sequence were good as well.

My honest opinion of the film is that as a Bond Film it falls pretty flat. I wouldn’t watch it if you are a fan of James Bond. If you like action movies however I would watch it.

Now we are at The Postive List.

  1. The action sequences are pretty good.
  2. The villain is interesting.
  3. The opening sequence is visually pleasing.

What did you think of the film? Leave a comment below!

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