Edward Scissorhands: Humanity can be cruel and beautiful

Edward Scissorhands: Humanity can be cruel and beautiful

Today we are tackling a classic film from the brilliant mind of . Edward Scissorhands is a film that is a spin on the frankenstein’s monster tale that has the monster, in this case Edward played by , show a childish innocence and genuine desire to be helpful and love his friends.

If you want to avoid the spoilers then head down to The Positive List.

The set design for this film was top tier.  The garden outside of the mansion where Edward lives is beautiful and very artistic. The garden art is really intricate and fits who Edward is perfectly. One of the lines from a psychologist in the police station after doing a mental analysis of Edward says “His imaginatinative capabilities are extremely high.” There is no better place where that shows than in the set design.

The costume design is also really good. Edwards costume really stands out from everyone else and shows him to be the outsider to the rest of the normal society that is the neighborhood, while the neighborhood and its normal residents are still very colorful. The hair design that Edward does is also great. Each resident that gets a haircut from him has a hair due that is a work of art. I think one of the residents ended up having a swan made on her head.

The story is brilliantly executed. While the Frankenstein’s monster tale is not a new one Burton takes a really interesting twist on it with Edward Scissorhands. Edward’s outward appearance is somewhat frightening to the rest of the neighborhood since his hands are scissors however his personality is the most innocent thing in existence. What’s also really great as that during the climax of the film instead of everyone in the town mobbing against Edward unjustly it’s just a majority. There is the family he stays with that helps him and more importantly one of the police officers help him. Personally I really like this decision because it shows both how cruel and great humanity can be while keeping the tension high during the climax of the film.

The acting is also really good. Johnny Depp as Edward did a fantastic job of playing this innocent character that is childlike and still figuring out his limitations with his scissors for hands. One of the best moments is when he is laying down in the waterbed for the fist time and he accidently pops a hole in it, causing it to leak and when Kim returns from her trip and scares him he makes a whole bunch of extra holes while he is scared of her screaming. Depp also having to keep a straight face for most of the film while showing minor emotions with a lasting impact is really good as well.

The miniatures and set props are also great. I am a huge fan of miniatures and Tim Burton does some of the best miniatures and set props in his films. One of the major things in Tim Burton’s films when it comes to miniatures and set props is everything that’s wacky and mystical on his sets has a face. In the laboratory where Edward was made all of the machines have faces and give this semi creepy yet strangely cute feel to the setting.

Edward Scissorhands is a wonderful film that really tugs at the heartstrings with its great story and leaves you in awe with its great set design. I would not pass up the chance to watch this film and I don’t think you should either.

Now on to The Positive List

  1. The set design is top tier
  2. The costume design is great
  3. The story is brilliant
  4. The acting is amazing
  5. The miniatures and set props are perfectly crafted

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