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Taunting: "Please Don't Call Me Piggy; It Hurts My Feelings"

During dinner last week, K orchestrated a conversation so that she could tell us about something that was on her mind. “Let’s go around the table and tell something about our day,” she suggested. “Great idea,” Andrew said.  “Do you want to go first?” “Yes,” K replied. At that moment, C asked for more “agua”... Read more »

I had no one to eat lunch with and no one to play with at recess.

“How was your day?” I asked K as we walked home. Okay,” she answered automatically and then retracted, “Well, sort of not okay.” “What happened?” I asked very casually. “I had no one to sit with at lunch and then I couldn’t find anyone to play with at recess.  Everyone ran away from me.” Of... Read more »