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The Silent Scream: When the Parenting Writer Self-Censors Because It's the Right Thing To Do

It’s a Sunday morning. I’m sitting across from my husband at Starbucks during our precious ninety minutes of free time while the girls are at Sunday school. There is so much to process, so much living that happens each and every day. I blog infrequently now, mostly due to the fact that my children are... Read more »

Dear Child With Sensory Issues

Dear Child With Sensory Issues, You woke up screaming. I was downstairs – had not yet even sipped my coffee – and I knew that it would be one of those mornings. You were sobbing by the time I entered your bedroom. As spring threatens to arrive, your allergies have started to rage. Itchy and... Read more »

Everything Changed At Nineteen Months

In honor of November being National Adoption Awareness Month, Portrait of an Adoption is hosting the fourth annual acclaimed series, 30 Adoption Portraits in 30 Days.  Designed to give a voice to the many different perspectives of adoption, this series will feature guest posts by people with widely varying experiences.  By Leslie Kahn The most... Read more »

A Sensory Meltdown at the Ice Show: A Tale of Two Friends

On Saturday morning, C popped into my room, dragging her enormous stuffed bunny, clad in flannel pajamas. “When do I skate in the show?  How many hours?” she asked, before I could even say good morning. “Not until tonight,” I said.  “Not for ten more hours.”  The previous night, C had nearly exploded with joy... Read more »

This Is What It Looks Like When Your Kid Has A Nut Allergy

So last week my friend Karen wrote a blog about the controversy surrounding schools banning nuts in order to protect kids who have severe nut allergies.  Karen’s posts are always guaranteed to spring lively commentary, and this was no different.  The topic caught my attention, since I am the parent of a child with life... Read more »

Sensory Processing Disorder and the Adopted Child: Not Just Bad Behavior?

Sensory Processing Disorder and the Adopted Child: Not Just Bad Behavior?
The following is a guest post by an adoptive mom whose young son has Sensory Processing Disorder: By Melissa Flanagan When my son A was two, he attended a Montessori preschool.  It was during this time that phrases like “overly active” and “difficulty sitting still” emerged in direct reference to him.  A’s preschool teacher consistently... Read more »

If I Could Act Like a Toddler for a Day

If I Could Act Like a Toddler for a Day
I am sitting in a coffee shop, trying to work on an anti-bullying presentation, but my attention has been captivated by a mischievous toddler who is causing his poor mom all sorts of distress. The little guy shrieks and throws a package of cookies, and I gaze around, noting the range of emotions on the... Read more »

Sensory Issues Suck, and Gapers Make Things Worse

Dear Tables of People Gaping at Us in the Restaurant, I know what you saw.  You saw one of my three daughters jump abruptly up from the table during lunch, knocking her chair to the ground.  You saw her rip at her clothes, trying to remove them from touching her skin.  You saw her lash... Read more »