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Heartlines: How a Jewish Girl Adopted in Japan

In honor of November being National Adoption Awareness Month, Portrait of an Adoption is hosting the fifth annual acclaimed series, 30 Adoption Portraits in 30 Days.  Designed to give a voice to the many different perspectives of adoption, this series will feature guest posts by people with widely varying experiences.  By Leza Lowitz For years,... Read more »

Adoption Retrospective: Babies Everywhere and Nowhere

It has been ten years since we began our adoption journey.  In honor of the passing of time, I will be publishing one post each month in 2013 that reflects on our lives in 2003. May 2003 May blossomed with possibilities.  At times it felt as if babies were raining down from the sky and... Read more »

Where Passover Meets Tragedy: The Secret Pain for Some Jewish Families

I remember doing the Passover Seder with family and friends ever since I was a very young child.  Each year, when we reached the part in the Seder where we recited the ten plagues, I dutifully dipped a finger in my glass of grape juice and touched my plate ten times, one for each plague. ... Read more »