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Community Outcry Sways City of Evanston to Reverse Planned Restorative Justice Cut, But More Is Needed.

I first met Arica Barton, the head of the Evanston Police Department’s Youth Services Restorative Justice program, in 2011. I was researching alternatives to punishment for youth offenders for a section in my book on bullying, and my dear friend Meagan Novara introduced me to Arica, knowing that I would be fascinated by the concept... Read more »

The Art of the Apology: Focus On Repair

I am in the 22nd hour of fasting for Yom Kippur, the Jewish holiday of atonement. The thinking is that by withholding all food and water, we clear our minds to focus on our behaviors from the past year. We make apologies for our mistakes, and we promise to do better in the new year.... Read more »