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One By One, My Friends’ Children Were Having Babies.

One By One, My Friends’ Children Were Having Babies.
In honor of November being National Adoption Awareness Month, Portrait of an Adoption is running a special series called 30 Adoption Portraits in 30 Days.  Designed to give a voice to the many different perspectives of adoption, this series will feature guest posts by people with widely varying experiences. By Nanci Stein “Granci” I remember... Read more »

Chaos, Irreverence and Joy at the Children's Services on Rosh Hashanah

On Rosh Hashanah, there are numerous services to celebrate the Jewish New Year and to announce the High Holy Days that culminate with Yom Kippur.  Amidst the more solemn services for adults, our synagogue hosts two children’s services, both of which we attended today. We were one of the last families to arrive for the... Read more »

Top Ten Things NOT to Say to an Adoptive Parent

Top Ten Things NOT to Say to an Adoptive Parent
Many people are kindhearted yet uneducated about the semantics of adoption.   Other people have good intentions but take a thoughtless approach to satisfying their curiosity. And then there are some people who are simply insensitive. Here’s a little advice about what NOT to say to an adoptive parent (sense of humor recommended!): 1. What happened... Read more »

A Little Bit Christian for Easter

I was wondering when Katie would begin ask.  About twice a year, specifically right before Christmas and right before Easter, she starts dropping hints that she should honor her birth religion.  Yes, we are Jewish, and Katie’s birth mother is Christian.  For those of you who are new readers to Portrait of an Adoption, here... Read more »

Converting the Adopted Child

A few weeks ago, K declared, ” I am a little bit Christian and a lot bit Jewish, right?” “Tell me what you are thinking about,” I responded. “Well, my birth mother was Christian.” “She still is,” I replied. “Right,” K continued.  “So a little part of me is Christian, too.” “Not really,” I explained,... Read more »