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"There are Rebellions in Arizona."

"There are Rebellions in Arizona."
I took my third-grade daughter with me to Arizona over the weekend.  As we were driving from the airport to the hotel, Katie noticed something we don’t see that much of in Chicago– there were a good number of Romney signs stuck in the front lawns.  She asked me about the Romney signs, and I... Read more »

Abraham Lincoln and the Purple Castle - the Making of a 5th Birthday Cake

Okay, so there is a lot going on here.  This is the finished product.  In Annie Rose's World, President Abraham Lincoln and his family lived not in the White House, but in the Purple Castle.  So I created this cake for Annie Rose's 5th birthday.
For her 5th birthday cake, Annie Rose asked me to make a purple frosted castle where Abraham Lincoln and his family could live during his Presidency.  I called, but the local bakeries do not carry that cake in their repertoire, so I set to work planning a culinary masterpiece for my girl! This has been... Read more »