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Where Postpartum Depression Meets Adoption: Looking Beyond Hormones in Maternal Mental Illness

Several days ago, I read, reread and then read again the New York Times article Thinking of Ways to Harm Her, the first of a two-part series about women and maternal mental illness, with a focus on postpartum depression. In this excellent article, which explores both antenatal and postpartum depression, Pam Belluck reports: A complex interplay of... Read more »

Post Adoption Depression Is a Scary B*tch. Don't Let Her Win.

I was sitting on the couch holding K.  She had been home with us for about six weeks.  One minute, we were just sitting there together, and all was quiet.  She was sleeping in my arms.  I glanced out the window of our 18th story condo, and I suddenly had this horrifying image of her... Read more »