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Stop Asking Adopted Kids If We Want To Find Our Real Parents.

In honor of November being National Adoption Awareness Month, Portrait of an Adoption is running a special series called 30 Adoption Portraits in 30 Days.  Designed to give a voice to the many different perspectives of adoption, this series will feature guest posts by people with widely varying experiences.  By Marianna Everyone looks at a... Read more »

You Never Know What You Are Going To Get

Katie and Annie Rose
Annie Rose during one of her hospital visits There are three weeks left until my baby is due.  Although I do not know exactly when this child will arrive, I have much more control of the time line than when we were adopting a baby.  I have looked at birth from both sides now, from... Read more »

Birth Order Rings True, Even For Adopted Kids

Katie and Annie Rose We don’t wear shoes in our house.  We do wear clothes.  Yesterday I found my two daughters playing in the basement.  Katie was wearing the jeans and sweater that I had helped her pick out earlier in the day.  Annie Rose was naked except for a pair of muddy boots and... Read more »