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R2D2 cake and spaceship cake for Katie the Star Wars Girl

The finished R2D2 cake!
September 10th is Katie’s birthday.  Last year, two months after she turned seven, she was taunted at school for being a Star-Wars-loving girl, and the geek community gave her a ton of love and support.  This year, when I asked her what kind of birthday cake she wanted me to make, she replied without hesitation,... Read more »

Will Harry Potter have the staying power of Star Wars?

Will Harry Potter have the staying power of Star Wars?
Earlier this week, I received a media request from a website that is focusing on Harry Potter over the next few days.  The question they wanted me to answer was this:  Will Harry Potter have the lasting power with audiences that Star Wars has had? Star Wars first became a sensation in 1977, with the... Read more »

Response to a Bullying Comment

Well-known blogger Sarah Hoffman, who has been writing about the bullying facing her young son, has asked me to collaborate with her on a response to one of her commenters.  Here, in Sarah’s words, is her introduction to our post: After I posted Tired, the ninth post in my series about combating bullying at my... Read more »

Star Wars and Bullying: The Makings of an Educational Film

Star Wars and Bullying:  The Makings of an Educational Film
For several months, I have been in talks with the folks at [Motivational Productions](, a Texas-based company that is the largest producer of Character Education videos in the U.S. They are in the process of shooting a new video called Stand Together about bullying prevention, and the video will be seen by school children across... Read more »

Lessons for Mom at the Science Fair

There are little jars and bottles all over my house, half-filled with Momoammonium Phosphate (MAP).   We have MAP in liquid form, sitting in jars of saturated solution.  We have MAP in solid form, growing in jars of crystals.   Yes, it’s that time of year.  The Science Fair.   Last year, Katie did a project... Read more »

Gender-Based Toy Marketing at Target and Wal-Mart

Target’s “boy” toy aisle Today, we were at Target buying milk, eggs, baby food — all the regular supplies.  We also needed to pick up a birthday gift for a friend of Annie Rose’s.  Usually, I avoid the toy aisles like the plague when the girls are with me, or else I am besieged with... Read more »

Guest Post: How I Prepared To Raise Her

Click the above icon to vote for Portrait of an Adoption! I am inviting other adoptive parents, birth parents and adoptees to share their own stories through guest posts.  If you are interested, please contact me at How I Prepared To Raise HerBy Sarah Werthan Buttenwieser of Standing in the Shadows I think most... Read more »

Princess Boys and Star Wars Girls

Click above logo to vote for Portrait of an Adoption! Six weeks ago, bloggers and news shows celebrated the right of my first-grade daughter to carry a Star Wars water bottle.  In a post that went viral, I wrote about how Katie had been teased for liking Star Wars.  The boys told her “Star Wars... Read more »