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Adoption Retrospective: Aren't You Worried That Birthmother Is Smoking During Pregnancy?

It has been ten years since we began our adoption journey.  In honor of the passing of time, I will be publishing one post each month in 2013 that reflects on our lives in 2003 August 2003 We take several weekend trips to M’s town to spend time with her and make preparations for the... Read more »

Sensory Processing Disorder and the Adopted Child: Not Just Bad Behavior?

Sensory Processing Disorder and the Adopted Child: Not Just Bad Behavior?
The following is a guest post by an adoptive mom whose young son has Sensory Processing Disorder: By Melissa Flanagan When my son A was two, he attended a Montessori preschool.  It was during this time that phrases like “overly active” and “difficulty sitting still” emerged in direct reference to him.  A’s preschool teacher consistently... Read more »

The Unexpected Marriage

The Unexpected Marriage
The day I met my husband was the same day that I met Princess Diana.  It was a glorious June day in 1996, and I was working for the Lurie Cancer Center while in my senior year at Northwestern.  Her Royal Highness was in Chicago to speak at a Symposium on Breast Cancer. The princess... Read more »

It's Never Too Early to Start Talking about Sexting

Katie and Annie Rose had a banner day on Saturday.  First, Andrew found them in the basement bathroom with the door locked. “Girls, let me in,” Andrew said firmly. He found Katie, Annie Rose and a giant Star Wars Wampa rug in the bathroom.  Katie was huddled in a corner, hiding something behind her back. ... Read more »

You Never Know What You Are Going To Get

Katie and Annie Rose
Annie Rose during one of her hospital visits There are three weeks left until my baby is due.  Although I do not know exactly when this child will arrive, I have much more control of the time line than when we were adopting a baby.  I have looked at birth from both sides now, from... Read more »