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To My Last Baby On Her Last Year of Preschool

Dearest C, Today you visited your “new” preschool classroom.  I say “new” with a smile, because you have already been a student at your school for the previous two years. And before that, you were a baby who came to this school every day to drop off and pick up your big sister Annie Rose... Read more »

What a Difference a Year Makes

Friday was Katie’s last full day of first grade.  It was also Cleo’s first birthday.  Andrew, Annie Rose, Cleo and I joined all the other first grade families at noon to participate in the first grade barbecue.  I sat on the ground with my hot dog and chips and reflected on the difference a year... Read more »

The Birth Family Reunion

There was the predictable anxiety before the visit.   M rented a car and left her hometown early on Friday morning with her two kids in tow.  She expected to arrive in Chicago at 3:00 pm.  Andrew made a 6:00 pm dinner reservation at Mity Nice Grill in Water Tower Place.   Katie was antsy... Read more »

The Night Before

‘Twas the night before The birth mother visit And all through the house,Every creature was stirring (but hopefully not a mouse) After months of anticipation, tomorrow is the big day.  Katie’s birth mother and her two children are making the trek to Chicago.  As expected, Katie’s behavior has steadily deteriorated as the visit draws closer. ... Read more »

Birth Order Rings True, Even For Adopted Kids

Katie and Annie Rose We don’t wear shoes in our house.  We do wear clothes.  Yesterday I found my two daughters playing in the basement.  Katie was wearing the jeans and sweater that I had helped her pick out earlier in the day.  Annie Rose was naked except for a pair of muddy boots and... Read more »