Category: Anti-Bullying Begins in First Grade

R2D2 cake and spaceship cake for Katie the Star Wars Girl

The finished R2D2 cake!
September 10th is Katie’s birthday.  Last year, two months after she turned seven, she was taunted at school for being a Star-Wars-loving girl, and the geek community gave her a ton of love and support.  This year, when I asked her what kind of birthday cake she wanted me to make, she replied without hesitation,... Read more »

What a Difference a Year Makes

Friday was Katie’s last full day of first grade.  It was also Cleo’s first birthday.  Andrew, Annie Rose, Cleo and I joined all the other first grade families at noon to participate in the first grade barbecue.  I sat on the ground with my hot dog and chips and reflected on the difference a year... Read more »

Star Wars and Bullying: The Makings of an Educational Film

Star Wars and Bullying:  The Makings of an Educational Film
For several months, I have been in talks with the folks at [Motivational Productions](, a Texas-based company that is the largest producer of Character Education videos in the U.S. They are in the process of shooting a new video called Stand Together about bullying prevention, and the video will be seen by school children across... Read more »

Interview with a Bullying Victim

Interview with a Bullying Victim
As part of a book I am writing on bullying prevention, I am conducting hundreds of interviews with bullying victims, bystanders and bullies.  Below is the transcript of one of these interviews.  The interviewee’s name has been changed to protect his privacy. Carrie:  When did you first become a victim of bullying? Eric: I started... Read more »

Looking for Bullies

Looking for Bullies
As part of a book I am writing on bullying prevention, I am looking to interview people who have acted as bullies and bystanders.  I have already spoken with bullying victims, activists, advocates, experts, researchers and social workers.  But it is impossible to write a truly useful anti-bullying book without speaking to the bullies themselves. ... Read more »

Princess Boys and Star Wars Girls

Click above logo to vote for Portrait of an Adoption! Six weeks ago, bloggers and news shows celebrated the right of my first-grade daughter to carry a Star Wars water bottle.  In a post that went viral, I wrote about how Katie had been teased for liking Star Wars.  The boys told her “Star Wars... Read more »

Adopted by the Geeks and Nerds

Andrew and I were the first ones to adopt K.  She has lived with us from the time she was several months old, and we have escorted her through the ups and downs of daily life for seven years. And then last month there was the great water bottle incident, where K was teased for... Read more »