8 Yr Old Girl Talks About Asking Hasbro, #WheresRey in Star Wars Monopoly?

8 Yr Old Girl Talks About Asking Hasbro, #WheresRey in Star Wars Monopoly?

Let 8-year-old Annie Rose tell you in her own words why she wrote to Hasbro asking "How could you leave out Rey?!"

Annie Rose has seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens twice now. She really loves the character of Rey, because she is a strong, intelligent female. When Annie Rose learned that the newest version of Star Wars Monopoly only includes male characters, she was very “annoyed and frustrated.” So she wrote a letter to Hasbro (the makers of the game Monopoly) and asked them, “How could you leave out Rey?!" After all, Rey IS the main character in The Force Awakens.

I tweeted the letter to Hasbro and it went viral. Hasbro sent Annie Rose a personal response that basically said they didn’t want to reveal too much about Rey or it would spoil the plot. We responded by asking Hasbro if they could add Rey to the game now that the movie is out and everyone has seen it and spoilers are no longer an issue.

Thousands of people joined in and began tweeting and sharing Annie Rose’s original letter to Hasbro. National and international news outlets — including NPR, CNN and the BBC also began sharing the letter, and they included the hashtag #WheresRey. Within a day, Hasbro sent us a new response! This time they said to Annie Rose that they love our passion for Rey, and they were pleased to share the news that they would be adding Rey to the game.

When I told Annie Rose that Hasbro decided to add Rey to the game, she gave me a huge toothless grin and said, “I never knew that a little kid nobody knows could make a difference. I hope other kids learn to speak up when they think something isn’t right. Especially girls. Girls matter!"

Annie Rose gave a press conference last night and spoke to the Chicago tv stations of CBS, WGN, ABC, and NBC.

Read here for the backstory!

Here is Annie Rose with her letter:

AR Hasbro pic 2 AR Hasbro pic 1

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