Great New Update on Michael Morones

Great New Update on Michael Morones

In January, 11-year-old Michael Morones attempted to take his own life by hanging, which has left him in the hospital with serious brain damage.   Although suicidal ideation is a complicated issue with more than one cause, a known factor in Michael’s distress was the bullying he experienced at school.

Other kids taunted Michael about his love for My Little Pony, calling him gay for liking a TV show that was marketed to girls.

At the time of my initial article about Michael and subsequent update, Michael was still nonresponsive and heavily sedated.

Today, we have wonderful and encouraging news! 

Over the last several days, for the first time, Michael has steadily improved. His body is starting to wake up and his brain is very slowly starting to function again.  He no longer needs IV medications or sedation.

There are recent signs of neurological function present in Michael’s body that have not previously existed.  As such, the next steps include moving him to a wheelchair.  His family attributes his improvement to the outpouring of love and support.

From the Michael Morones Foundation:

"The doctors still don't know what he will be capable of since his brain has a long way to go, but thanks to each and everyone of you out there sending love, positive thoughts and prayers, Michael is experiencing an evolving miracle of healing."

Please learn more about the Michael Morones Foundation located at and it is the go-to page for all information about Michael.  The page is interactive and includes a place for supporters to comment and upload YouTube videos for Michael.

The mission of the Foundation is to educate and educate communities worldwide on the social development and well-being of our youth. The Foundation works to ensure children that they are loved while providing our youth support and equipping them with the necessary life skills to enjoy a successful life.

Donations to the Michael Morones Foundation will both support the mission of the Foundation and assist in the enormous medical costs of Michael’s ongoing care.

Please send cards and donations to The Michael Morones Foundation at:

The Michael Morones Foundation
P.O. Box 849
Durham, NC 27702

People from around the world have come together to support and love Michael Morones.  There has even been an influx of “tough guys” getting My Little Pony tattoos to show Michael that they stand with him and support his right to like any toy, regardless of gender-based marketing.

Thank you so much to my amazing readers who first sent Michael’s story zooming around the Internet.  You have changed this boy’s life and that of his family for the better, and his family expresses gratitude and appreciation for your concern.  Kindness is healing.

Twitter: #TeamMichaelMorones
Facebook: Support and Love for Michael Morones

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