30 Adoption Portraits - 2014

For the fourth straight year, in honor of November being National Adoption Awareness Month, Portrait of an Adoption is running a special series called 30 Adoption Portraits in 30 Days. Designed to give a voice to the many different perspectives of adoption, this series will feature guest posts by adoptees, birth parents, adoptive parents, waiting adoptive parents, and foster parents-turned-adoptive parents. Painful and beautiful, these stories will bring you a deeper understanding of what adoption looks like, allowing you to appreciate the many brushstrokes that comprise a family portrait.

Nov. 1: There. Those Are My Parents.
Nov. 2: From That Day Forward, We Were Team Baby V.
Nov. 3: These two children were the reason God saved my life that fateful night.
Nov. 4: My Story Went Nothing Like The Ones You See On Oprah.
Nov. 5: We Need To Reimagine The Stories That Shape Our Understanding of Motherhood and Fatherhood
Nov. 6: Eighteen Years Later, I Finally Held My Baby Again: A Tale of Adoption Reunion
Nov. 7: Can Someone Be Your Father When He Doesn't Know You Exist?
Nov. 8: Three Ways Adopting Prepared Me For Future Life Experiences
Nov. 9: Everything Changed At Nineteen Months
Nov. 10: I Was Never Bothered By Questions About My Adoption. It Was Just My Story.
Nov. 11: I Want Someone To Fix Me: The Agony of Attachment Disorder
Nov. 12: We Knew It Was In His Best Interest To Go Be With His Brother
Nov. 13: Lies Prepare You For Nothing: A Birth Mother Learns A Painful Truth
Nov. 14: I Soon Learned That Her Son Would Become A Major Force In My Life
Nov. 15: Is Your Adopted Child Lucky? A Tricky Topic In Adoption Circles
Nov. 16: Ours Was One of the First Open Adoptions: We Adopted One Twin and the Birth Parents Raised the Other
Nov. 17: We Know This Time Is Short, and So Much Richer For It
Nov. 18: Transracial Adoption: Eating Humble Pie Without Dropping Crumbs
Nov. 19: Playing Behind The Scenes: Life As A Single Adoptive Father
Nov. 20: Grandma would not bring another child into a home of poverty and abuse
Nov. 21: When Adoption Brings The Darkness Out Of You
Nov. 22: But First, There Was That Goodbye Kiss On The Forehead.
Nov. 23: Adoption: Hurtful Words Said To Us In A Time Of Grief Can Sear The Heart
Nov. 24: We Are All Adopted
Nov. 25: I Will Never Forget The Broken-Down Man That Was My Husband After He Signed Those Adoption Papers.
Nov. 26: Everything About This Adoption Was Different From The Start
Nov. 27: My Maternal Instinct Told Me Something Was Wrong
Nov. 28: The Walls of Mistrust Started Falling, Without Our Noticing It.
Nov. 29: I Knew Nothing About Where This Baby Would End Up
Nov. 30: But Then We Fell In Love With This Kid