Join the Wear Star Wars, Share Star Wars Antibullying Toy Drive on December 14

Join the Wear Star Wars, Share Star Wars Antibullying Toy Drive on December 14

For the third year in a row, Portrait of an Adoption is hosting Wear Star Wars/ Share Star Wars Day! Also known as Proud To Be Me Day, the event combines the fun of being true to yourself with the chance to donate a toy to a child in need.

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This amazing event began in 2010 when first-grader Katie Goldman was repeatedly taunted for being a girl who loved Star Wars, and the Internet rallied around her. The support has continued, and this year, Star Wars fans from the 501st Legion around the world joined together to build Katie a Stormtrooper costume for Halloween.

On Friday, December 14, 2012, we invite you once again to celebrate this day of geek pride and anti-bullying.

  1. Wear something Star Wars or science fiction-related.
  2. Donate a Star Wars or science fiction toy to a child in need (but please put a post-it note on the new, unwrapped toy specifying that it can go to a girl or a boy; otherwise, these traditional "boy toys" will be given only to boys). You can bring the toy to a hospital, a shelter, or drop it off with any charitable organization collecting toys.

Your school or workplace can use this as a fun way to stand up to the terrible problem of bullying and help needy kids at the same time!

At Katie's school, the Principal has made the event even more inclusive by calling it Proud To Be Me Day, and kids are invited to wear anything that represents a special interest of theirs, regardless of age, gender, religion, etc. Other schools are encouraged to participate in this activity and combine it with anti-bullying programming. Kids can collect toy donations at their schools and learn about the spirit of giving.

Please invite everyone you know to participate in this fun event! The more people who join, the more toys that get donated, and the more fun we all have dressing up! Post your pictures on the event wall!

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Carrie Goldman is the author of Bullied: What Every Parent, Teacher, and Kid Needs to Know About Ending the Cycle of Fear

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