Ever Been Bullied? Tell Your Story and Reassure Others That They Are Not Alone.

Today is the launch of an international video project called Team Bullied.

We all hear terrible stories about bullying.  One of the most devastating forms of bullying is cyberbullying.  It is a relentless campaign of hate, and its victims suffer cruelly.

Today, you can participate in the writing of a new campaign -- a story of hope and possibilities -- a phenomenon that I refer to as "cybersupporting".

If cyberbullying is the use of electronic media to degrade, humiliate, torment and harass a person, then cybersupporting has emerged as the very opposite.  It is the use of electronic media to boost, support, inspire and provide confidence to another person.

This project began with the taunting of a first grade girl named Katie who dared to love Star Wars, which apparently was only "for boys."  Let me explain (click the "play" button on the lower left):

These videos and the book Bullied are dedicated to everyone trapped in the darkness of bullying.

They are here for the child who cries in the night because he fears what the next day at school will bring.  For the young man who hides his true sexual orientation because he dreads what his college roommate will do to him.  For the overweight child who is mocked in the cafeteria and the geeky girl who is taunted for loving Star Wars. For the child with autism who is tortured on the playground and the girl with gorgeous brown skin who is told she is too dark to be beautiful.  For the brothers and sisters who worship at an altar that other families fear.

For anyone who has suffered from bullying, I offer up these videos and the book Bullied to you.  Come visit www.teambullied.com.  You are not alone.

Carrie Goldman

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