Republican Nominees: Leave Adopted Kids out of Political Mud-slinging

Republican Nominees: Leave Adopted Kids out of Political Mud-slinging

Political campaigns are ugly.  And growing uglier by the day, as evidenced by a recent online ad uploaded to YouTube by an alleged Ron Paul supporter.  The ad attacks Huntsman because one of his daughters was adopted from China.  According to a Reuters article,

“An online ad authored by "NHLiberty4Paul" shows footage of Huntsman with daughters Gracie, who was adopted from China, and Asha, adopted from India, when they were infants.

"American values. Or Chinese," the ad asks to a soundtrack of Chinese music. It calls Huntsman "the Manchurian Candidate" and ends with an image of Huntsman dressed as China's former communist leader Mao Zedong, and the words "Vote Ron Paul."

Paul, a Texas congressman, disavowed the ad during an interview on Friday on CNN, but said he could not control the actions of all his supporters.

"I couldn't even hear it, haven't looked at it, but people do that, and they do it in all campaigns," Paul said.

At a campaign appearance in Concord, New Hampshire, Huntsman, who was U.S. ambassador to China until April before jumping into the Republican race, termed the ad "just stupid" and "political campaign nonsense."

"If someone wants to poke fun at me, that's OK," said Huntsman, who trails in most polls in the Republican nominating contest. "What I object to is bringing forward pictures and videos of my adopted daughters and suggesting there's something sinister there."

The second oldest of Huntsman's seven children, Abby Huntsman Livingston, denounced the ad on Fox News Channel's "America Live" broadcast.

"It is unfortunate that the political conversation has become this vile. In our family, we put ourselves on the national stage and we expect to get everything and anything. Unfortunately, I think this video goes a bit far," Livingston said. "My two little sisters are the love of my dad's life."

Supporters of Ron Paul are now alleging that Huntsman’s people created the ad as a tactic to hurt Ron Paul.  Of course they are saying that.  There is always an angle in politics.  Except, of course, the human angle -- the one with integrity and honesty.

I don’t really care who made the video.  I don’t really care who wants to get the credit, take the blame, take the fall, or whatever other calculated motivation there was behind the making of this video.

All I care about is the fact that adopted children have become political pawns.  These are CHILDREN, beloved by their parents, adopted from China and India and brought into American homes.  There is nothing dark or evil about that.  The children depicted in this despicable video are not chess pieces to be played in the game of politics.  They are human beings.

Is nothing sacred anymore?  Is winning an election worth the cost of losing our humanity?

Stick to the issues, folks, and leave adopted children out of your mud-slinging.



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  • One more reason The Party of the Past fails to reach sane people, and most of the electorate.

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