Anti-Bullying Toy Drive for Wear Star Wars, Share Star Wars

Anti-Bullying Toy Drive for Wear Star Wars, Share Star Wars

It’s almost here . . .  Wear Star Wars, Share Star Wars Day is Friday, December 16th.

Join the many schools, companies, families and individuals who are supporting this anti-bullying holiday toy drive.

It’s easy--  wear something that reflects your Geek Pride (or whatever your special interests are), and donate a sci-fi toy to a hospital or Toys for Tots or any appropriate organization.

Be sure to put a post-it note on the new, unwrapped toy saying it can go to a girl or a boy; otherwise, the toys will automatically be given to boys, due to gender stereotypes about girl toys and boy toys.

This is the second annual Wear Star Wars, Share Star Wars Day.  Last year it was held as an international event to support first-grader Katie Goldman, who had been taunted at school for being a girl who carried a Star Wars water bottle and backpack.

Let’s support the rights of all kids to like whatever they want to like and be whoever they want to be.

Feel free to share pictures of your chosen attire on the event’s Facebook page!  Check out some of the supportive comments people are writing on the event’s wall:

“I will be flying that day. I’ll sport my solo vest. I hope they’ll let me into cockpit.”

“Got a couple Star Wars mini-rigs to donate to a hospital I had to stay at for a few months as a kid. Gonna run them in and then wear my lightsaber on my belt for my shift at work. A male nurse wielding an elegant weapon for a more civilized age.”

“My company is going to be doing a photoshoot for this! :)”

“As I wrote on my own blog last year on Katie's day, Blessed are the Geeks for they shall inherit the earth. GO, KATIE!!!!! Xoxo”

“I know what it is like to be taunted for loving the things that I do - one day in the 8th grade, my 3 best friends got together and wrote a note which they had another classmate deliver to me stating "they no longer wanted to be friends with me since I was immature for liking Star Wars, etc." And do you know what happened then? My mom came and checked me out of school and asked me what she could get for me that would make me feel better....I told her the newest Young Jedi Knights book. And she did just that. So I would not only like to share my support for young fans but also the parents that support their children in the things they grow to love. A safe, firm place to stand helps shape these children into being some of the most wonderful people the world has to offer. On the 16th, I will wear every piece of SW memorabilia I own.”

Thank you to everyone supporting this event!

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  • I'm sending this out to everyone I can

  • In reply to Evan Moore:

    Thanks, Evan! I appreciate it! There are many people signed up, so it should be GREAT!

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    I'm so glad that I found this article! It really brought a smile to my face. I read the other article about Katie and everything that happened and all of the people who stepped up and supported her. I have a little girl who is only 3, but she loves Star Wars too - something she picked up from her dad. She does like princesses and dora the explorer, but she loves Star Wars, The Avengers, Thor, and Transformers so much too. I also have a page on facebook that my sister and I started about raising awareness about bullying and the harm it can cause. It's something that I hope everyone can learn to recognize and stand up against. I'm really glad things worked out for your little girl and I will share this article with my friends and family. May the force be with Katie. :)

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