The Girl Presidents

The Girl Presidents

The little girls on Katie’s soccer team met for their first practice on Wednesday.   After introductions and giggles and kicking the ball a little, it was time for the team to pick a name.  The girls looked around, excited and eager, trying to find a name that would represent them all equally.

The girls are not all the same race.  They practice different religions.  They come from a diverse group of socioeconomic backgrounds.  They attend different schools and live in different neighborhoods.

Really, the only thing they all have in common is that they are girls.  Girls who want to run around on a field in pursuit of a goal.

Unanimously, the team name they picked for themselves is the Presidents.

How beautiful, I thought, when I heard the name they chose.  How gorgeous that these little girls view themselves as the Presidents.   They do not care that there has never been a female President.

Each of these girls, regardless of skin color, creed, income level, or ability, feels that she is awesome enough to be the President.   Society has not yet beaten the girls down with rigid stereotypes and hidden limitations, glass ceilings and false promises.

They will play against other all-girl teams this year, teams with perfectly fine names like the Butterflies and the Candy Canes and the Ladybugs, names that many little girls choose to represent themselves.  Dainty, pretty, cute, girly names.

My vote will be with the Presidents.

I’ll be rooting for the little girls who think of themselves as deserving of a team name that connotes intelligence, power, leadership and bravery.  I’ll cheer for the little girls who believe that the highest office in our land is theirs for the taking.

Will you join me?  Will you support their right to rule their own lives, free from the burden of the status quo?  If we meet this same group of girls in twenty years, will they still think of themselves as the Presidents?

Or will years of exposure to advertising, media, and fashion convince them that a name like the Presidents is too geeky, or only-for-boys, or just for wealthy, privileged Americans?  Will they choose a name like the Supermodels, believing that a career in high fashion is the best they can imagine?

My vote will be with the Presidents.

*                     *                       *                          *

This post is dedicated to my three little girls and to Melissa Wardy from Pigtail Pals--Redefine Girly.  The world is yours.  Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

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  • Wow, I am so impressed by Katie and her team! You girls are amazing - may you always be Presidents of whatever you do

  • In reply to jiyer:

    Thanks, J! I was so excited about their team name! And I love this picture of Katie, wearing her soccer uniform, rocking the Harry Potter glasses and wielding her Yoga lightsaber!

  • In reply to Carrie Goldman:

    I do love the picture of Katie too. I bought Nina a "Future President" T-shirt when I went to Washington D.C. on a business trip. When one of my nieces was 7 or 8 years old (she is now 18), I comforted her when she sobbed bitterly because "little Jimmy" told her she can never be a President. We need little girls to internalize their ability to take on just about anything, and you should be proud of the way your daughter's team has chosen to be branded. Have a great weekend!

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