Taking on a Blizzard - Star Wars Style

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It started yesterday with all the hype about the impending blizzard.  "One of the worst storms that will hit Chicago," claimed the news websites.  "This is the real thing," warned Tom Skilling, WGN's weather man.

We asked Katie what our strategy should be to deal with the storm.  "Ask Yoda to use the Force to stop the snow," she recommended. 

Ummm, we'll let you know how that works out for us.

Just in case Yoda is too busy fighting against the Sith, we made some back-up plans.  We filled the cars with gas.  (But I'm not sure why, since it seems unlikely that we will be able to get out of our garage and drive down our unplowed alley). 

We stocked the house with bread, milk, eggs, chocolate and diapers.  If we end up stuck in here for several weeks, we can eat French toast and drink chocolate milk in between changing Cleo's diapers.

We mounted a lightsaber room-light onto the wall in the basement (comes with a remote control and with each click, the light saber glows a different color - courtesy of Uncle Milton Toys).  If we lose power, at least we can click on the light saber and play games of chess by the ghostly green light.

At the moment, Katie is curled up in her TaunTaun sleeping bag on the top bunk.  She has a mini lightsaber flashlight nearby.  Annie Rose is curled up in her Snow White nightgown in the bottom bunk, confident that Katie can ward off any dangers. 

Last night Annie Rose came into our room with nightmares at midnight, 2 am, 3 am, 4 am and 5 am.  Cleo woke to nurse at 11 pm and 1 am.   I am not sure if there really is a Stormtrooper sitting on my front porch or if I am hallucinating from fatigue, but the door is locked, and I feel safe. 

When I told Katie that I was exhausted this morning, she said sympathetically, "Rough night with the little ones?" 

"Yep," I replied to the wizened first grader.  "They were up every hour."

"Well," Katie said, "it's a good thing I'm adopted.  At least you got one kid that sleeps!" 

The wind is howling outside, but it is warm and cozy in here.  We baked a batch of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies after dinner, and we watched the snow swirling outside.  One of our front porch chairs has been tossed aside, and there is no evidence left that I salted and shoveled.

The schools have been closed for tomorrow, so we are holding "Snow School."  Katie will practice her piano, finish her math homework and read some books aloud.  We will help Annie Rose write her letters (A is for Anakin, B is for Boba Fett, C is for Chewbacca . . .)

We have planned a creative schedule for afternoon classes.  There will be a screening of Star Wars in drama class, along with an art class that involves making homemade Valentines.  We will do some Yoga for Yoda in P.E. and then we will have free play.  Three-year-old Annie Rose will most likely officiate at the daily wedding of Barbie and Luke Skywalker. 

There will be arguments and skirmishes between the girls.  There will be declarations of love between the girls.  Outside, somewhere between 18 and 24 inches of snow will slow the city to a sliding halt, and inside, the world of imagination will take over. 

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  • I just wanted to say that is the coolest way to prepare for a coming storm. I too am all snuggly in my TaunTaun sleeping bag.

    I am just another female scifi fan stepping up to tell Katie that she rocks!

  • What a warm family story in the midst of your cold, cold weather! *Almost* makes me miss the winter wonder, here in sunny San Diego :)

  • Wonderful story!!!! Makes me want to be stuck with you guys!!!! Love you Katie Bear!!!!!

  • "Rough night with the little ones?"

    That is too adorable.

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