Hasbro Finally Creates Version of Star Wars Monopoly that INCLUDES Rey: Here Is How You Can Get It

Hasbro Finally Creates Version of Star Wars Monopoly that INCLUDES Rey: Here Is How You Can Get It
Calling all REY fans: Hasbro has finally created a special link to buy a version of Star Wars monopoly that INCLUDES REY in the four game tokens that come with the game! In response to the pressure to actually include Rey (not just offer her as an a la carte special-order piece), there is a... Read more »

Call for Submissions for 7th Annual Series: 30 Adoption Portraits in 30 Days

Call for Submissions for 7th Annual Series: 30 Adoption Portraits in 30 Days
Welcome to Portrait of an Adoption! So happy you are here. In honor of November being National Adoption Awareness Month, I will be running the seventh annual special series called 30 Adoption Portraits in 30 Days. The series is designed to give a voice to many different people with widely varying perspectives on adoption. Some... Read more »

#WheresRey? Hasbro now cites “insufficient interest” in U.S. to offer Rey token in Monopoly Game.

Eighteen months ago, my then-8-year-old daughter, Annie Rose, wrote a letter to Hasbro expressing her dismay over the fact that the most recent version of Star Wars Monopoly only featured male characters, including two from The Force Awakens: Kylo Renn and Finn. 8 yr old asks, How could you leave out Rey in SW Monopoly?... Read more »

Why You Should Award A College Scholarship To My Daughter's Birthmother

June 15, 2017 Dear Scholarship Committee, I first met M fourteen years ago on a hot, sunny July day. We were both young but not naïve, and we shared nothing except a recent history of trauma and grief. What struck me about M was how few supports she had — no financial safety net, no... Read more »

The Mom Rating System: Finding A Better Way to Celebrate Mother's Day

World’s Best Mom, #1 Mother, The Mom Rating System – everywhere I turn, I see evidence of Mother’s Day coming. In our culture of judging moms for every move they make, I’ve grown especially weary of the greeting card industry’s narrow approach to celebrating moms. It feels like one more way to shame moms into feeling that... Read more »

The Disturbing Reason Kids Are Playing "13 Reasons Why" On Snapchat

For several weeks, I’ve been planning to write a piece about “13 Reasons Why“, the viral Netflix series that has swept the country’s teens. The riveting series is based on the book 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher, and it tells the tragic story of Hannah Baker, a teenage girl who commits suicide and posthumously... Read more »

My 6-Yr-Old Choked Eating An Easter Egg; The Heimlich Saved Her.

It happened in an instant. I was picking up my younger two girls from school on a Monday afternoon, and they were hungry. On Saturday night, my girls had enjoyed a special activity: they had dyed Easter eggs with family friends, and I decided to bring several of the brightly-colored hardboiled eggs as an after... Read more »

Passover: Grief, Freedom, Harry Potter and Chocolate Chip Cookies

The family was hanging out in the kitchen this morning. One of the girls asked about our plans for the Seder tonight. I paused. “We’re doing a small Seder,” I said. I glanced at my husband, who was standing next to me. He gave me a sympathetic look. I took a deep breath. “The truth... Read more »

How to Help Syrian Refugees: Send a #ParcelofLove Baby Box

Sometimes I worry about developing compassion fatigue when I scroll through social media. There is no shortage of suffering, of heartfelt pleas to help support a thousand worthy causes. How does one decide where to allocate energy, time, money, anxiety? We do the best we can, I suppose, and we listen to what strikes a... Read more »

Boss Baby: Hard For Those Who Have Lost a Baby and For Foster Kids

I went with my husband and kids to see Boss Baby yesterday. My girls were very excited to see the movie, oohing and aahing about how adorable the baby was. There were many funny moments, and it was ultimately very sweet, but I wish I had known a little more about the movie before I... Read more »