How Do the Two Upcoming 'Snow White' Movies Compare?

How Do the Two Upcoming 'Snow White' Movies Compare?

Once again Hollywood has run out of ideas and will release two different versions of the classic fairy-tale Snow White in 2012.  While Mirror Mirror was directed by Tarsem Singh, Huntsman was directed by deviantART. Mirror stars Julia Roberts with a dodgy accent while Huntsman stars Charlize Theron with a dodgy accent. Notice any themes here? Mirror is apparently a sort of action-comedy while Huntsman is, who knows, action-gothmedy?

They'll both be pretty bad, but it seems Mirror Mirror might actually be worse (sorry Julia). But of course, you be the judge.


Snow White and the Huntsman
Release Date: First week of June 2012



Mirror, Mirror
Release date: March 16, 2012



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  • I'm voting for Snow White and the Huntsman. That looks decent.

  • At least Disney always called its "Snow White." While the official title of one is "The Huntsman and Snow White," apparently it is some sort of cross of Braveheart and Dog the Bounty Hunter, instead of some story about our fair maiden and seven dwarfs.

    Mirror Mirror seems a little closer to the idea of the story, but as far as the trailer is concerned, neither the Queen nor Snow White is the "fairest," or even that good looking. This, probably, would work as an infomercial for beauty products on channel 7.2.

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