The 5 Best Over the Top Movie Cameos

The 5 Best Over the Top Movie Cameos

A celebrity cameo can sometimes make or break a film. From the simple fan-pleasing Stan Lee bit parts in all Marvel Comics films to the weird/hilarious parts where actors like Neil Patrick Harris play an alternate version of themselves.  And  finally, there are the occasional over-the-top, 100% ridiculous, “I can’t believe this is happening,” cameos that steal the show aka Tom Cruise. Here are the 5 Best Over The Top Movie Cameos.


# 5. David Duchovny – Zoolander


# 4. Christopher Walken – Pulp Fiction


# 3. Neal Patrick Harris – Harold & Kumar go to Whitecastle


# 2. Bill Murray – Zombieland



# 1. Tom Cruise – Tropic Thunder



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