This Is What Happens When Justin Bieber Crashes Your Wedding…

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez "were strolling on the beach when they heard Justin's hit 'One Less Lonely Girl' playing at [a Malibu wedding] reception." So they crashed the party and Biebs rushed the microphone, igniting a 10 minute frenzy!


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  • Girl this is a mess! Clearly two grown people got married and can brag and say Justin Bieber sang at their wedding but then again it's two grown people. Who would really care? I'd be happy lol.

  • Personally, I would have been really upset if these two crashed my wedding, rushed the stage, & grabbed a mic. My wedding day was about my wife first, me second, and nowhere in it was this kid, that girl, or anybody else that wasn't invited. What a total lack of respect for the bride & groom those two showed, they should have been treated just like any other wedding crasher who tried to take over the band & kicked out.

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    That was nice. Great time for everyone. I say that wedding crash was a win, win!

  • MSUDersh - are you sure who was the bride?
    Some people take themselves so seriously.

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