New TV show 'Repo Games' Makes Losing Your Car FUN!

New TV show 'Repo Games' Makes Losing Your Car FUN!

If you thought MTV hit an all time low with the runaway hit "Jersey Shore"  then prepare yourselves to be outraged yet again. From executive producer and Long Island native SallyAnn Salsano who brought you Nicole (Snooki) Polizzi and Mike (The Situation) Sorrentino, comes a new reality show for Spike TV. This time the show stars Josh Lewis and Tom DeTone in their real life jobs as "repo men." And yes, this is a game show...  

Lewis and DeTone are real-life repossessors who on "Repo Games" try to give people who are losing their cars a chance to keep them, payment-free, if they can just correctly answer three of five trivia questions. The show premieres Tuesday April 26th at 8 p.m.
The crews will show up at a house to repossess a car because the owners are behind on payments. Some answer the door angrily, some are ready to fight. They're then encouraged to play the game, which includes what appear to be fairly simple questions, though perhaps the kind that would stump Snooki.
Among them, "What was Barack Obama's name in 2005?" Or, "What weighs more, a pound of feathers or a pound of lead?"
Salsano says the show is a mix of "Jeopardy" and Jay Leno's comedy bits called "Jaywalking."
"It's roulette TV. Anything could happen."
Yet another reality show that takes advantage of there anything still decent on TV anymore? 
FYI: There is video but I was too embarrassed for the people in the show to post it. So if you want to watch a clip from "Repo Games" CLICK HERE
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