Celebrity Weight Loss Battles: Thin or Too Thin?

Being in the Hollywood spotlight does have its ups and downs. Think of the pressure they must feel on the daily basis to look a certain way on a magazine cover or on the red carpet. It's no wonder that many celebrities, have major weight issues. While some celebrities after battling the bulge, begin to live new healthier lives, pounds thinner. A few celebrities take it to the extreme and go overboard looking malnourished and skeleton like thin. There is a skinny line in Hollywood but when does a celeb go too far?

Here are some of the celebrities who have made major body transformations--thin or too thin you decide.

Sources: Daily Mail UK, Skinny vs Curvy, NYDN, Huffington Post, Essence, ABC News
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  • they look beautiful. I like them.
    importantly, healthy weight loss.

  • Wait Jennifer Hudson is a size 2? She is less than 170lbs then because no way 170lbs is a size 2.

    As for Candice Swaneopel though she looks tiny for the average woman, she now looks runway ready. It has been said for ages that Victoria's Secret models are larger than the average runway model. Scary.

  • fb_avatar

    Okay, but you realize that she travels a lot and doesn't always have time to eat healthy, right? Very busy woman, it's only natural she'd lose a few pounds sometimes when she wasn't doing tons of training for photo shoots and the fashion show. You can't do half of the things she does by being malnourished, I think people read way too into it and put their noses where they don't belong.

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