Totally Awesome! Top Ten 80's Cartoon Theme Songs

Normally I don't write about this sort of thing, but I just finished reading Time Magazine's Top Ten Cartoon Theme Songs and all I have to say is maybe they need an eye exam because clearly they are at an age where there bifocals are clouding their judgment.

Yes, I said it!!

I'm a proud 80's child and my generation is Totally, Totally Outrageous! My cartoon generation gave you such classics as Voltron, Rainbow Brite, Thundercats and He-man. My childhood ROCKED! Need further proof? Why is almost every action movie from the A-Team, Transformers to G.I. Joe a re-make of my glory years. And in 2011 a remake of The Smurfs will hit the big screens as well.

Call it nostalgia, denial of getting older, or perhaps an early mid-life crisis- whatever. My list is totally cooler and I'm going to show you why!

So here is my list of Top Ten 80's Cartoon Theme Songs:









Care Bears


My Little Pony




Silver Hawks


Rainbow Brite



G.I. Joe





VOLTRON (Because It ROCKS SO HARD, It Doesn't Need A NUMBER!)


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