Seriously, WTF Straight Men Wearing High Heels and Purses?

Seriously, WTF Straight Men Wearing High Heels and Purses?

The first thing that came to mind when I saw this photo of sex-symbol/rocker Lenny Kravitz during New York Fashion Week dressed in a draped tunic (dress?), black leather pants, black leather knee-high boots with a high wedge heel and matching black leather man-purse was - this has to be a joke.

Sadly, it's not.

Yes, we now live in an age where the "metrosexual" craze has taken over, where skinny ties and Dior Homme suits are the must-have items for rappers like Kanye West and Pharrell Williams. Retro plaid shirts, kool-aid colored kicks, and skinny jeans are spotted on every heterosexual 20-something male down Michigan Avenue.

But high heels and a man-purse, seriously?

Clearly Lenny is in touch with his more feminine side, then most men. But with more and more men venturing through the doors of high-fashion, obsessed about body hair and use the term "Gabardine fabric" when shopping for suits and jackets. I have to ask, when does this trend borderline from being fashion-forward to metrosexual overload?

Though fashion trends in Chicago are a few steps behind NYC, most men here consider themselves very trendy. It's not unusual to see Billy Dec or John Garcia on Oak Street shopping for the latest trends in men's fashion. And some Chicago male notables have even braved shopping in new Hermes flagship store (Jay Cutler and Marcus Riley).

But again, a man-purse.

So what, Lenny's not the first male celebrity to rock high heels--Prince wore (lots of) heels and J. Alexander usually gives the runway walking lesson on America's Next Top Model in heels--but really, what regular, every day man would wear this?

Maybe this is just another passing phase or just a clever, brazen move by Kravitz to grab our attention. And it worked brilliantly.

But the celebrity effect always has a way of trickling down to suburban America. Every fashion ad, commercial and magazine influences our choice of style and what is deemed hot at the time.

So the real question is: Will we be seeing more men sporting man-purses, designer labels, and dare I say high heels. Or an even better question...Is this the new manly man?


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  • LOL! Great post, LaShonda! I love it!! Go Lenny! Start a High Heel Revolution!

  • In reply to lmagee:

    lol! Thanks I just couldn't get that picture out of my mind. Lenny Kravitz in high heels!!!

  • In reply to lmagee:

    Good for Lenny in trying something different. The "purse" looks a bit more like a shoulder bag to me, but those high wedge boots crack me up. Reminds me of Kinky Boots the movie. I do wonder why you put "straight men" in the headline since you don't comment about gay men at all. I suppose the implication is that if gay men were wearing high heels and a male purse you'd understand it? LOL I'm gonna bring you to one of my Sunday softball games where 100s of gay men kick some ass - and nary a purse or high heel in sight. :-)

  • In reply to KevinBoyer:

    Not at all Kevin lol! To each their own in regards to fashion. I just thought this new trend for men was very "interesting" no matter if you are gay or straight.

  • In reply to KevinBoyer:

    And I would love to join you Sunday!!!

  • In reply to KevinBoyer:

    Lenny Kravitz is late. Prince was actually the first to start the men in high heels trend, but I don't know about the purse though. lol

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