Meet 'K-Town' The New Asian 'Jersey Shore'

Meet 'K-Town' The New Asian 'Jersey Shore'

If you haven't heard, a lot of people are completely offended by MTV reality show The Jersey Shore. And by offended, I mean they also want there 15-minutes in the spotlight.

So meet K-Town, the Korean version of MTV's hit series The Jersey Shore. The show is being produced by actor/singer Tyrese who you may have seen lately blocking traffic on Michigan Ave., with some guy named Shia LaBeouf.

The show features 4 boys and 4 girls living and partying together in Koreatown, Los Angeles. And I have to admit that The Situation has nothing on body builder and rumored porn star Peter Le. Seriously, are all these people models?

The official cast members are Young Lee, Joe Cha, Peter Le, Steve Kim, Jennifer Field, Scarlet Chan, Violet Kim, and Jasmine Chang. Besides the HOT bodies they definitely seem to have more personality and charm than their predecessors. (I was one fist-pump away from killing myself)

And besides the obvious comparisons like Violet Kim is the new Snooki, and numerous references to something called Soju. I'm all on board!

K-Town is currently being shopped to potential networks but probably will be hitting a TV near you in (watch the video below) 3..2..


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  • The tiny girl is all kinds of adorable!

  • In reply to Alythia:

    I'm still looking at Young Lee. SEXY!

  • When I was teaching on the West Side, "K-Town" was gang slang for the streets between Pulaski and Cicero--like Kostner, Keeler, Kenton, and so on. Anybody know if "K-Town" is still used like this in Chicago?

  • In reply to JohnSchmidt:

    I have no idea on that one...let me call a friend and find out!!

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